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Cloud computing consists of three distinct types of computing services delivered remotely to clients via the internet. Clients typically pay a monthly or annual service fee to providers, to gain access to systems that deliver software as a service, platforms as a service and infrastructure as a service to subscribers. Clients who subscribe to cloud computing services can reap a variety of benefits, depending on their particular business needs at a given point in time. The days of large capital investments in software and IT infrastructure are now a thing of the past for any enterprise that chooses to adopt the cloud computing model for procurement of IT services. The ability to access powerful IT resources on an incremental basis is leveling the playing field for small and medium sized organizations, providing them with the necessary tools and technology to compete in the global marketplace, without the previously requisite investment in on premise IT resources. Clients who subscribe to computing services delivered via the “cloud” are able to greatly reduce the IT service expenditures for their organizations; and gain access to more agile and flexible enterprise level computing services, in the process.

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